Shelby company was founded in 2013 . Company offers the best hotels and resorts in more than 30 countries - Spain, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Thailand, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Israel, Morocco, UAE, China, India, Mauritius, Tanzania, Dominican Republic,
Indonesia, Maldives, Vietnam, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Mexico, Cambodia, Jordan, Andorra, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Cuba. It is constantly working to open newdirections, organizes group and individual FIT tours based on charter flights and scheduled flights, engaged in the development of incentive, convention, sports and other types of tourism, as well as actively selling tickets online.
Shelby company has an effective operational infrastructure, including an all the offices, transport park , hotel reservation systems between agents and hotels, centrally controlled ground transfer operations that makes it possible to serve mass markets and enhancing partner and customer satisfaction at the same time.
Shelby Company is a highly respected, full-service, touristic. Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers who trust us to deliver travel services with unmatched integrity and professionalism.